CXMS supports President Zuma

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Professor R.C. Whiddens, DM (6th), D.Thau., B.Occ., M.Coll. Council Against Medical Schemes (314) 159 2653 CouncilAgainstMedicalSchemes.Wordpress.Com CXMS supports President Zuma Secret base inside Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa – The Council Against Medical Schemes (CXMS) would like to unequivocally express its full confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

Finally…we get the booby prize

Finally, after many years of unfulfilled promises we get the NHI white paper!  I actually believe that even Motsoaledi was taken by surprise.  He certainly wasn’t well prepared for his briefing this morning. You can grab a copy here on the government website.  Uncle Aaron was quite proud that it is 97 pages and has “over… Continue reading Finally…we get the booby prize

What’s going on?

Kudos to Bronwyn Nortje for asking some very relevant questions about the sudden retraction of the Low Cost Benefit Option framework.  I agree that the timing of the retraction seems a bit suspicious.  On the other hand I also believe that the retracted framework had some deep flaws and that the process was more than just… Continue reading What’s going on?

We no likey

‘The South African Communist Party objects to the C4MS’s framework for Low Cost Benefit Options and lays out its argument in this declaration from the SACP Gauteng Lekgotla Declaration (the link for the same document on the SACP’s own website is completely empty for some reason) The financialisation of the health sector continues to be pursued… Continue reading We no likey

Cutting through the BS

Imagine that.  Some people actually went and read the proposed Regulation 8 amendment to figure out what the implications are. I was pleasantly surprised by the C4MS’s press release which dealt with the matter in an emotionally detached and logical manner. Who are you and what did you do with the real C4MS? Then there was… Continue reading Cutting through the BS