Dramatic Pause

It's been...a while. I'm...back now.

There haven’t been any posts on this blog in a while because there hasn’t been enough news.  I could only scrape together the stuff below:

The DoH announced the 10 districts that will form part of the NHI pilot project.  I don’t think they have done anything new – like me they simply realised that it is time to do something in order to be seen to be doing something.

The other topic which was mostly covered in the Afrikaans press was the move of a group of civil service pensioners from Medihelp to GEMS from 1 April.  Apparently there are about 16,000 of them and their average age is 81 – that is bigger than many medical scheme.

Old people don’t like change (but they do like to complain) and the fact that these pensioners basically got five weeks’ notice of the move left them in a spin – the amount of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt flying in the letter columns was dangerously high.  It is early days yet but the transfer process seems to have gone relatively smoothly (all things considered) and it has been very quiet so far this month – certainly no stories of hundreds of pensioners waiting outside healthcare facilities because they can’t get the medical care they need.

Next up: I’m going a bit off-topic … and dark


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