The f8%# is this?

Dear Dr Monwabisi Gantsho

I have just read Press Release 16 of 2012 and really I have only one question for you:

More specifically: what exactly do you hope to achieve with this press release which I can only describe as a smear campaign by a regulator against the very industry he is responsible for?

The Council for Medical Schemes is concerned that some entities in the medical schemes industry employ false advertising strategies to deliberately mislead the public.

Really? Now I’m curious!  Who is it?  What lies are they telling?

Both the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa prescribe that information provided to consumers must be truthful – and not false, misleading, or deceptive in any way. This applies to information about the providers themselves as well as the goods and services being offered and marketed.

Fairy ’nuff.  Now.  Did you do an investigation?  Do you have specific examples of marketing material that is in contravention?  Could you enlighten us?  You know – so that the schemes in question know what it is that they should stop doing and consumers can spot the scam?  Or have you just put on your superhero costume again to save the world?

You also raise the issue of high administration fees (again).  Do you really believe that a press release is the way to deal with this?  Are you only concentrating on this because you have no power to do anything about the real cost drivers behind medical scheme contribution increases?

Coincidently have you ever given thought to the administration fees that are driven by the ever increasing demands that your office place on medical schemes for reports, information, data and so on?

I look forward to reading your reply (just start typing in the “Leave a reply” box below).

Yours in humble service

Bursar Widdens


3 thoughts on “The f8%# is this?

  1. Dear Bursar, you failed to mention the Communications Manager; the Customer Care Manager (really, do they actually care?) and the Stakeholder Relations Manager all employed by the C4MS with our medical scheme levies that increased by 16% or so this year. OK, so we know that there are Chiefs but where are the workers? Do you know what each of these managers does each day?

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