Living dangerously


Personal finance reports that the DoH is seriously considering changing Regulation 8 (PMBs must be paid at cost).  This is apparently in an attempt to avoid ending up in court opposite some schemes (Genesis and Samwumed) who are seriously considering mounting a legal challenge to Regulation 8.

Remember that the BHF didn’t lose their case per se.  The merits of the case where never heard.  The technicality that got the BHF case thrown does not apply to these schemes meaning that the merits of the case will be front and center,  If the DoH is suddenly willing to change this regulation after all these year it tells me one thing:  They don’t think they can win.

Now it turns out that many countries have “payment at cost” provisions with their PMBs (or whatever they happen to call them).  However in those countries there are either regulated, centrally negotiated or contracted prices for healthcare services.  For various reasons we don’t.  So we need to either get ourselves one of these or rethink how we do this PMB thing.

As is typical of the government they are going about this all wrong.  They are changing only one aspect of the problematic regulations without a greater strategy or game plan.  Who’s papering over the cracks now Aaron?

front-row-seat-to-the-end-of-the-worldIt is also a hard-learned truth that governments may give something but must not ever take it away.  Expect angry doctors.  The cult of the PMB within the C4MS is apparently not exactly on board with the DoH plans either…

I’m gonna make some popcorn and set up a chair so I can watch this play out.



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