Cutting through the BS


Imagine that.  Some people actually went and read the proposed Regulation 8 amendment to figure out what the implications are.

I was pleasantly surprised by the C4MS’s press release which dealt with the matter in an emotionally detached and logical manner.

Who are you and what did you do with the real C4MS?

Then there was this piece published by the Helen Suzman Foundation which challenges some of the bullshit statements certain parties have been making.  While there is some misunderstanding about the implications of the amendment due to some people reading what they want or what they fear (or not reading it at all – what’s their excuse?) I can’t help wondering if the wording shouldn’t be redrafted to make it clearer.

The emerging consensus seems to be this:  It will be in the interests of medical schemes and healthcare providers (and by implication medical scheme members) to start contracting with each other as soon as possible.  Some people find that prospect less appealing than others.


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