We no likey


‘The South African Communist Party objects to the C4MS’s framework for Low Cost Benefit Options and lays out its argument in this declaration from the SACP Gauteng Lekgotla Declaration (the link for the same document on the SACP’s own website is completely empty for some reason)

The financialisation of the health sector continues to be pursued by monopoly capital through private medical schemes that are linked to the major financial institutions listed on the JSE as demonstrated by the recent approval of an exemption framework to the Medical Schemes Act to create the legal space for the establishment of low income medical schemes. These low cost benefit options are targeted at bringing an additional 15 million people from the working class communities and low income earners into a financialised health sector controlled by private monopoly capital. These low income medical schemes offer a minimum and inadequate package of benefits and will be introduced in January 2016 to bolster a devouring financial black hole of the greedy private medical schemes industry. National Health Insurance (NHI) is the only viable policy instrument that will ensure that the working class is protected from a financialised health sector and will afford the working class financial risk protection. The Medical schemes have used sophisticated instruments to effect corporate capture of the Regulatory System and to gate-keep in preventing the speedy implementation of NHI. The SACP calls for the speedy implementation of the NHI and will urge the working class to reject the low cost benefit options.

Such paranoia!

Those “sophisticated instruments” do sound very cool.  Does the industry use hypnosis? Doppelgangers that have infiltrated the Regulatory System?  Is the industry going to lure LCBO members to clinics where mind control devices will be implanted in their brains?

How exactly can LCBOs be used for gate-keeping that will prevent the speedy implementation of NHI?  Surely the NHI will be a matter of law.  The ANC either is in control of the country or it is not.  Am I missing something?

Maybe they should forget about private monopoly capital and rather worry about the Reptilian Elite who are really the ones controlling the world.


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