What’s going on?


Kudos to Bronwyn Nortje for asking some very relevant questions about the sudden retraction of the Low Cost Benefit Option framework.  I agree that the timing of the retraction seems a bit suspicious.  On the other hand I also believe that the retracted framework had some deep flaws and that the process was more than just a little broken.

It would be great if the Department of Health could get involved now since it is actually its job to make policy, not the Council for Medical Schemes’.  I have previously explained how I feel about management by exception.  The C4MS was trying to make LCBOs happen by using the exemption powers given to them in the Medical Schemes Act to an extent that (probably) goes far beyond the intention of that act.

Hopefully this will be taken as an opportunity to do a proper job of Low Cost Benefit Options as opposed to the usual way of doing things, which is to let such endeavours die a slow death by means of malignant neglect.


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