CXMS supports President Zuma



Professor R.C. Whiddens, DM (6th), D.Thau., B.Occ., M.Coll.

Council Against Medical Schemes

(314) 159 2653


CXMS supports President Zuma

Secret base inside Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa – The Council Against Medical Schemes (CXMS) would like to unequivocally express its full confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

We note that several television channels have shown an alleged video clip intended to damage the reputation of the democratically elected leader of the South African people.

The allegedly high definition video supposedly shows Mr Zuma, on the instruction of members of the Gupta family, relieving himself on the grave of Nelson Mandela and wiping his honourable bottom with a copy of the South African constitution. The so-called high definition video also purports to show a discussion in which the President and certain members of his Cabinet agree to appoint an aardvark and one of Mr Rajesh Gupta’s old cellphones, a Samsung Galaxy S5, to the positions of Minister of Finance and Minister of Public Enterprises respectively.

Although the person in the video bears a striking resemblance to our President in terms of appearance, voice and mannerisms and identifies himself as one “Jacob Zuma”, we must point out that this does not prove that it is the President who appears in the video. It should be clear to all freedom fighters that White Monopoly Capital has spared no expense in creating a photo realistic imitation of the president using that most vile tool of colonisation, computer generated imagery. In fact astute viewers would have noticed that this interloper refers to himself as “Untouchable King Zuma”. A king is not the same as a president, which proves that Mr Zuma is not involved. Finally it is a known fact that presidents and monarchs never go to the bathroom, although dictators sometimes do.

Mr Zuma was democratically elected and should not resign as his presidency was clearly the wish of the people.  As such he should be respected as our leader and must be afforded the benefit of the doubt. The same applies to duly appointed members of Cabinet.

We will study the video before making further comments.


The CXMS is a de-regulatory body that was established to mismanage the medical schemes industry.  Our mission is to destroy this greedy monster of an industry in preparation for National Health Insurance.

– END –


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