I wonder what this blog will mean now it’s done

The Council Against Medical Schemes has won.

While another year like 2016 will finally put it out of its misery, the medical schemes industry is dead. Sure, it’s still walking and talking as if it’s business as usual, but it has begin to smell bad and bits keep dropping off.

Some are still holding out for 2017 to be better. So much better that we will be able to pretend like 2016 never happened. This is naive at best. The best solution we could come up with was to increase contributions, sometimes as much as 12% more than consume price inflation. Think that will fix anything? Oh you sweet unfortunate soul!

The game is rigged against you. I wish I could claim it was because the setup was carefully engineered, but it wasn’t. You lose anyway.

Stop resisting.  You can’t innovate yourself out of a black hole when the laws of physics are immutable. You can’t reach an “everybody wins” or even a “nobody loses too much” compromise when no-one is willing to move from their position. Even if we could reach agreement you guys can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.  It’s embarrassing.

So it’s time for me to put up my feet and enjoy this victory. Concede and join me for a drink.

We are done here.  Go home.


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