Ignition in 3, 2, 1…

Oh goody!  It’s opening night and the show is about to start. In case you haven’t heard, The DoH has gone ahead and announced proposed changes to the Regulations to the Medical Schemes Act.  By far the most controversial aspect is the proposed changes to Regulation 8… As I have said previously, this is going to create… Continue reading Ignition in 3, 2, 1…

Living dangerously

Personal finance reports that the DoH is seriously considering changing Regulation 8 (PMBs must be paid at cost).  This is apparently in an attempt to avoid ending up in court opposite some schemes (Genesis and Samwumed) who are seriously considering mounting a legal challenge to Regulation 8. Remember that the BHF didn’t lose their case per… Continue reading Living dangerously

Dear Aaron

Dear Aaron I have been meaning to write you for quite a while but things happened, as they tend to do.  We never talk anymore!  Anyways, I saw you on the Business Briefing on SABC2 a while ago and wanted to have a little chat about that and some other issues, on behalf of the… Continue reading Dear Aaron


Sometimes you have to read an article very carefully to make proper sense of it.  Even then you can still be left to wonder about certain things.  Take for example the Business Report article “Profmed members pawns in payment battle with council” which only showed up on my radar thanks to the BHF news blog.